Humanity has taken a lot of hits recently. The National Football League is under siege by the failing of human beings. I think we all have forgotten that all have sinned and have fallen short. Not a few, but, all. The question that we should ask is this. Did Jesus die for all mankind or most or some or a select few. And don’t think that this is just a faze or its just a bad time. Don’t be surprise of the depavity of people. Its because we have more access to the lives of people through social media and cameras that the dirty laundry has risen its ugly head. People have spoken out and have every right too. Nobody, I don’t think is justifying any wrong doing. But there are some that are acting like they have never done anything in their life wrong, and want to just throw away people like trash.  I thought Jesus came to save man, not destroy him.  The question should be how can we saved them, help them, cover them until they recover. How can we get them back to being a blessing to society. Because since Jesus died for all mankind, then I guess they are worth saving! Oh, and I know you would never do though things. But that still doesn’t give you the right to throw the first stone.