I read something today that I want to share with you. Again I am repenting (change of mind) my thought process concerning understanding the bible as it is intented for us. I will let you be the judge.

This is from the book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by, Randoloph Richards and Brandon O’Brien.  To open the Word of God is to step into a strange world where things are very unlike our own. Most of us don’t speak the languages. We don’t know the geography or the customs or what behaviors are considered rude or polite. And yet we hardly notice. For many of us, the Bible is more familiar than any other book. We may have parts of it memorized. And because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us, no matter where on the planet or when in history we read it, we tend to read Scripture in our own when and where, in a way that makes sense on our terms.

I am not going to add my two cents to this, I will let this little piece of info speak for itself. What is your thoughts on this? I would love to read them.