This is not an indictment on every church. There are churches that are impactful in the communites in which they serve.  There are churches that is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I’m speaking as a whole. The body of Christ. Remember Jesus did all of His ministry in a body.  Miracles, healings, blessings and deliverance where done in His body. Well, Jesus now uses us as His body to do the work that He started. When did Jesus change the mandate? When did Jesus tell us to do what we want? When did Jesus tell us to make stars of people? When did Jesus tell us to use the church for our own wealth and welfare? More Importantly, when did Jesus put us in complete charge?  There are so many opinions about how the church ought to be. There are so many fights and divisions, that no one knows what is right. The world is looking and laughing at the church.  Is anyone taking the church seriously anymore? I wonder!  Can we go back to the bible, the inspired Word Of God for direction? Can we at least sit down in unison and agree we are the body of Christ, and not separated. I hope we can try, because its a shame what we are doing to Christ’ church!