I have been reading this book by Steve McVey called Beyond An ANGRY GOD. And let me tell you it has been an eye opener. I mean, its an awesome book and I would recommend it to anybody looking for the truth.  One of the things that i want to share is this word REPENTANCE.  This word has been mis-understood and mis-used by a great many people including myself before I really understood what it meant. I thought it meant I needed to confess my sins all the time. I mean, come on, having you be told many times you need to repent?  You do something wrong and the first thing they say or the first thing you remember is this, “I need to repent”.  However it doesn’t mean that at all. Repent means to change your mind. Yes, it means to change your mind. I will let you investigate this, so you can understand it for your self. But let me say this, if you are not repenting everyday then, you are not growing at all.  We can’t be so rigid in our beliefs that we reject everything that doesn’t agree with our beliefs. Its not healthy. So open your mind up to the possibility that you could be wrong about a few things and repent. Oh by the way, the reason why I mention this book because I have been repenting (changing your mind) a lot. And I am the better for it.