I may be going off the deep end here. Or maybe you might think I have lost my mind after you read this.  But here goes!  Social Media was in the mind of God just like everything else.  No Social Media is not of the devil. But it was breathed into the mind of man for a purpose. Well, what purpose is that you may ask.  To spead the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ of course, silly!  Mark 16:15 says, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  Now He said that a long time ago with today in mind. Think about that statement for a moment.  Thats right, He had Social Media in mind when He made that statement. Its 2014, how do you think we can accomplish that mandate today? Oh, thats right, SOCIAL MEDIA.  Remember Jesus can’t come back until the Gospel is preached to every creature. How do you think thats going to be accomplished? Through social media. So think about this. I hope you don’t try to commit me, but lets get the message of Jesus Christ out through Social Media. Grace and peace upon you.