First of all, I want to apologize  to every leader that try to lead me.  And I want to say I’m sorry to every leader. Why? Because I thought (wow I really thought that?) that your job was easy and I could do it better. Boy was I wrong.  Now operating in a leadership position and running an organization I have learned and still learning that this beep is hard!  Let me just talk about one part of it. Cultivating, training, trusting and having an innner circle. I mean really??  Now I think I have a pretty good one. But if you think this inner crcle stuff is easy? Think again. First of all, building that team takes much prayer, a lot of patience, trial and error, disappointments, betrayal, trust, vulnerability, strengh and forgiveness to name a few. Your inner circle can either help you or hurt you, lifted you up or tear you down, cover you or expose you. So choose wisely!  Then you can start building teams, relationships, people, places and things oh my!!  Next time we will look further into why this leadership stuff is no joke.