Sitting here thinking about the planning of a mens conference. I got upset and discouraged. Because I’m tired of the traditional conference were men come and get lectured without any feedback. We get charged up for one day or how many day it is, then go back the same way we came in. Because somewhere in the midst of the excitement and reality is the fact that what I was encouraged and charged to do I had no power to complete the task.  Then I’m thinking this isn’t anything new. I know this and I have been trying to change but with minimal success. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that I’m just thinking out loud. This is no way an indicment on mens conferences. I’m just writing down my thoughts. Anyway, maybe we are looking at this all wrong. Maybe its not the behavior we should be dealing with. Could it be the mindset?  Could it be our thinking that is causing our behavior? I think the answer in becoming a better man is in the questions and not the answers.  WHAT WAS IN THE MIND OF GOD WHEN HE DECIDED TO MAKE MAN?  What was going on during this time? What was He thinking about? What was He looking at? What was He feeling? If you can find the answers to those questions, then I believe you will be on the road to becoming a better man. Do I have the answer? I believe I do, but I will let you find it for yourself.