Here I go again thinking out loud. Lets talking about the business of forgiving and forgetting or maybe I forgive you but I won’t forget it.  I know, I know, you expect me to forgive you and forget it ever happen, Right? I would love to do that. Really I would. But one question. What do I do with the pain that comes with remembering it? What? You’re saying God forgives you and He says not only have I forgiven you, but I will not remember it either. Well I will tell you very frankly, I’m not God!  So then what do you do? How do you handle forgiveness? I don’t have all the answers. Like I said, Im thinking out loud. Maybe our definition of forgetting is or should be different from how God forgets. Since God through Jesus paid an awesome price to forgive us (gave his life). Let me suggest we let Him help us work and walk through this.  Because the problem maybe isn’t the forgiving thats an issue. It could be the pain that comes with the remembering that is really causing the most damage. Ok, so maybe we can stop trying to forget the behavior or the person that has hurt us. Maybe we can ask the Lord to remove the pain that comes with remembering. So that when I look at the person or working through relational issues with the person I have forgiven, I may remember what you have done, but there is no pain associated with it. This will allow us to move forward in a positive light and repair the damage that has been done.  So could our prayer be “Lord remove the pain that comes with remembering so that our relationship can heal by your power and not by my willpower to forget. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud.  But I do know this God is able to do an inside work without assitance for us.  Because this is an internal matter that only He can correct. Since He is the EXPERT!!!!