Have we created more problems than we should have in our methods of correcting leaders who have made mistakes? Have we damaged more people than helped them based on a model of correction? Where did this model or method come from? Is it spiritual? Is it Biblical? I have seen and heard of people and ministries  that have being destroyed by the model and methods of correction. Have we damaged the witness for Christ under the mode of correction?  Have we created a graveyard for broken vessels who were destroyed by the method of correction that has become a standard? Jesus encountered a situation that needed correcting, were a leader who went of the reservation needed correction. John The Baptist, who knew Jesus better than anyone now because of his situation(thrown in jail) doubted Jesus. And he sent his disciple to question Jesus. Jesus could have exposed John and destroy everything that John was attached to, including John himself. Jesus looking at the whole picture and understanding future fallout (John’s disciple would be hard to win) if He choose to exposed John’s humanity. So Jesus gave two answers to there question. One, he said, tell John what you have seen and heard (blind can see, lame can walk, etc). Then gave John a corrective message that only John knew what it meant.  He said, “blessed are they that are not offended by me”. Jesus corrected John privately.  Then he went out a praised John publicly.  Jesus understood far-reaching ramifications of exposing John’s humanity. (what happen when Paul met some of John’s disciples?).  Jesus gave us the model, maybe we can try it.