I was watching yesterday fast and furious part six for the…, well can’t remember how many times.  I know its a lot.  It dawn on me that the star of this movie, Vin Diesel shows outstanding leadership skills. I mean, really great skills dealing with people and situations. I ask myself why didn’t I pick up on those things before?  Well, I guess the more you watch something, the more detail you notice.  Don’t quote me on that.  Anyway let me share a couple of leadership skills with you from the movie.  I am not going to tell you the scene, just the skill used. Go watch the movie and then come back and try to match the skill with the scene.

1. He knows when to let others lead and support them during that time

2. He builds a culture with loyalty and respect for each life entrusted to him

3. He doesn’t allow his emotions to override the big picture

4. He takes all the blame and gives away the credit

5. He takes risk when it involvess the welfare of his people

Thats just some of the leaderships skills. There are many more. So watch the movie and see if you can match the scene with the skill. I learned a great deal for Vin.