Sometimes I think we as leaders, we tend to be great doers. I mean it’s great to be able to work, communicate and implement the vision. However, sometimes, we forget to take time to stop and just watch. Human beings are fascinating. They are just wonderful people in different and awesome ways. There is pressure on leaders to be this go getter and dynamic person that’s always on the move. But let me suggest that we as leaders take time just to observe. This is what I’ve learn from just watching my team operate.
1. They are learning and growing
2. They really care about the vision
3. They can handle conflict
4. Some like each other and some don’t
5. There is momentum building
6. Moral is climbing
7. Some don’t fit
8. There is opportunity for greatness
This is all from just watching and observing my team in action without interfering.
I’m going to try this again soon. What about you?