This week I’ve been mediating on the journey more than the destination. You may say, what do you mean? Well, the end result of anything is great. We celebrate when we reach our goals. But my question is this. Is that the most important thing?  Shouldn’t the process by which we reach the goal be celebrated and important?  I mean every organization has one goal and one goal only, right? And every one in that organization has a purpose, plan and strategy  to reach that one goal. So in order to reach the main goal every person operating under the perview of the organization has to provide a process, plan and strategy to meet the organizational mandate of its goal. So again, my question is this. Shouldn’t we provide clarity to the journey in order to reach the desired destination? Maybe if we provide clarity to the path and journey, then the end result may be easier to obtain. Taking ownership of the journey will unleash the path to the desired destination. Just my thoughts for the week.  What do you think?