Busy is overrated. As I was driving to Pittsburgh I had a chance to just relax, rest my mind, think and reflect. It was wonderful. Matter of fact it was awesome. I feel refreshed and creative ideas began flowing. So it got me thinking. Maybe we as leaders should schedule a time of nothing into our to-do-list. We shouldn’t schedule and fill every slot with things to do, so we can fill we accomplished something. When I did the nothing thing, I felt I accomplished a lot. What? BALANCE! You may say, well you were driving so you were actually doing something. True. However my mind was doing nothing but recharging that cause my mind to operate at full strength. It all by itself removed clutter, negative images and things that causes restlessness. So I feel good. So today lesson is this. Give your mind a break and watch it recharge itself. Go for a walk, push back from the desk, close your eyes and wonder. I’m telling you, you will be surprised!