I understand rules are good to have. It breeds organization, structure and a sense of order.  However as I sat and watch the rules that I set constrict, confuse and create a sense of uneasiness, I began to question my own set of rules.  Are they too rigid? Does the rules help the mission?  Are the rules restricting the process whereby hamstringing the progress.  Or simply put, our there just too many rules written and unwritten.  Well after serious mediation, consideration and simply talking it through, I came to the conclusion that yes this area has slip into a law mentality.  Rules should be guidelines to facilitate freedom for progression, not restriction.  They should act as a constant reminder to move forward  and grow consistently.  More importantly rules should  be there in case freedom to experience, creative, progress, learn as well as cultivate  relationships are hindered. So if I am going to lead from a grace (unmerited favor) perspective, then grace (unmerited favor) must invade every area of life and ministry. So another life lesson learned!