Why are we so rigid in our beliefs? I understand that some beliefs are not to be compromised under any circumstances. But shouldn’t there be room for compromise, understanding or at least tolerated? That’s a question everyone especially in leadership should ponder.  Paul had the same problem that is described in Acts chapter fourteen, where the Jewish Christians and the Gentile Christians were at odds over a difference of beliefs. Well, to tell you the truth, the real deal is that we need to know the difference between what is a belief and what is a conviction. Ok, so, I guess their problem wasn’t about belief, but about conviction. They both had the same belief, however they had different convictions.  This maybe the problem we are facing today. Lets check and really see if our beliefs match and maybe its just our convictions that are different.  If that be the case, then I guess we should be able to tolerate anything else. Don’t you think? I will let you do the work concerning the different between beliefs and conviction.  Nevertheless the key word here is TOLERATE!!  Can’t we all just get along?