Here we go again. Celebrating another Good Friday with services concerning the seven last words of Jesus Christ. Pastors, ministers and churches all over the country are participating in these religious type services. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t missed a one until today as I sit in my office alone. And I understand why we do this. But I have to ask a question. Isn’t there more to Good Friday then just the seven last words? I struggle with myself whether I should go to at least one of the services.  But why struggle when I never struggle before with it?  What’s so different this time? I wonder is there anyone like me today?  Did you go out of ritual?  Are you there now wondering what am I doing here?  I used to say what else can we squeeze out of these words?  I don’t say that anymore, because I know the Word of God is pregnant with a on time Word every time.  There has to be more than this. The whole point of Him dying was to complete the work that He came to do.  So maybe we should be learning why He said “it is finished”, and what does it mean for us. The finish work of the cross is what we need as believers to understand completely in order to share Jesus. Maybe we can use this day and every day to educate people about the finish work of the cross. Oh, by the way, what does that mean also? See, there’s something to learn. One more thing, I’ve learned that not only did He died for my sins past, present and future, but at the same time He took the wrath that was supposed to be for me (mankind ).  So that God will never ever be mad at me again.  Maybe thats something we can explore on Good Friday! What do you think?