First, let me scream this from the roof top. People are human beings and are capable of making mistakes.  Life goes on regardless of the pain that is associated with bad choices and decisions.  The Lord created a remedy for those who are stumbling through the rumble of their own lives. He molded and made leaders who understand. We don’t need more managers, we don’t need more stars in their field of choice, we don’t need more churches, we don’t need more positional leaders, we don’t need more personalities that crave attention. What we need are leaders that understand.  Leaders that don’t blink at mess. Leaders that are real and understand that life is messy. Leaders that covers while people recover.  Leaders that can walk you back to the life God intended for you to have. Leaders who can rescue people from themselves. Simply, understanding leadership!  The world is full of people who are successful and know what they want. The world is full of people that lead from the paradigm of being right most of the time. However the world has more people that need someone who simply just understand. Can you be that one?