Sometimes in life we lose sight of the here and now.  We become so focus on others that, we become engaged in the behaviors of people.  We need to stop and ask, “why am I here”.  Am I fully engaged in the moment? Am I benefiting from the moment? Will this help me become a better human being?  Sometimes we lose out on precious learning experiences and beautiful moments of life because we are not fully engaged in the present.  We get so caught up in the negativity of others that we don’t see are own short comings. Again, “why are you here”? That’s the question that will unleash you to grow and discover your life and purpose for that moment.  So grasp and engage fully in today.  Tomorrow is not promise, yet it comes with possibilities.  So when you feel yourself drifting into the abyss of self-pity and being dragged down the road of blame, ask yourself one question. Why am I here?  It will release you back into the moment, so you can fully engage in it and live.