I love playing softball. I couldn’t waiting to start practicing for the season. So I bought new gloves, new bag and new shoes.  I’m ready for the season. I want to practice hard so I can create a habit of playing hard all the time. I learned some lessons from the practice.

1. During Batting practice, while in the field, you must try to fit in so the whole field is cover. (Teamwork covers all the gaps in your team)

2. Everybody has different skill sets, but they all tried real hard (Remember everyone is not like you, but want to fit in)

3. When taking my practice swings, I wanted to have a plan at the plate. (When part of a team, always have a plan to be successful)

4. Some, took batting practice and left without playing the field. ( Just remember everyone may not act like part of the team. Don’t be surprised)

5. The Manager was off to the side watching us. ( Someone is always watching you, so always do your best)

6. Where ever the ball was hit, and if I couldn’t get to it, somebody was there to back me up. ( Teamwork means I don’t have to do it by myself)

7. At the end of practice everyone came together. only a few mingled. (You have to work on chemistry, It doesn’t come over night)

So thats what I learned from softball practice!