I grew up in the church and they taught me a lot of things. But I don’t think they taught me how to be fair in church. I think maybe, just maybe we as a church are struggling how to really be fair. We can no longer choose who we let in the church. We can no longer choose which sinful behaviors we will deal with and which sinful behaviors we won’t or can’t. We can no longer preach about one sinful behavior and not the others. We can no longer choose who’s going to hell and who’s not. I think someone said, I didn’t come to save the righteous, but them that are lost. I think we need to start being fair in the church.  If we are going to condemn sinful behaviors, then we need to condemn them all. If we are going to preach about sinful behaviors, then we should preach about them all. We all need a place to go and get healed from whatever is hurting us, and God chose the church. Maybe, just maybe we can leave the sinful behaviors to God and just let them see the God in us.  Truth of the matter we can not change anybody, so why tried. God has all the answers. I’m leaving that to Him.  I just what to be fair. (Just)