One of my kids from church came to talk to me.  I guess he came to learn something from me, and to get some questions answered.  I hope our session was fruitful for him.  All I know is that I learned a lot from him. This is what I learned.

. He was willing to listen more than he talked. (listening is more important than talking)

. He came to me, not me to him. (sometimes you can’t wait to get answers, you have to go to where the answers are)

.  I offered him some refreshments and he said YES. (Don’t be afraid to say YES)

. His stepmother was there and approved and agreed with the conversation. (don’t be afraid of evaluation)

. There is nothing like a childs carefree attitude. (sometimes we as adults need to adopt that attitude)

It was an amazing visit.  It filled my office with life and clarity.  That is what are life needs from time to time.  LIFE AND CLARITY!