The more I thought about the experience of leading our people to this church, the more leadership lessons I learned.  Here are some more!

. When they found out I knew where I was going, they decided to follow. ( When you know where your going and communicate it, they will follow)

. My family was in the car with me. (Your family is with you on your journey, don’t ever forget it)

. My family was in the car with me. (Your family is with you in the car, so they come first before others)

. When you’re the lead driver, you must watch everything and be alert. ( Leadership is also awareness)

. Safety in number one when your the lead car. You can’t take the same chances when you are leading. (selfishness is not a part of leadership)

. When I switch lane, I must give enough room for all to switch lanes ( give people enough room (mental movement) to change when you do)

. When I was going to fast, my wife recieved a call from the car behind to tell me to slow down a bit. (You can recieve communication from your wife from others, Listen to her)

I hope this small lessons about leadership will help you grow as a leader.  It sure did help me!