I was preaching at another church and I had to drive there.  So everyone jump in there cars and the van and guess what?  They follow me since I knew how to get there. I learned a lot of leadership lessons from that experience. Here are some.

. You have to make sure everyone is following you from the start. (you can speed off without your followers. If you do, you’re not leading)

. You can’t run red lights (you have to make sure everyone can make through your decisions)

. You have to always look behind you to make sure everybody is still following. (you’re not alone)

. You can’t drive too fast. (You make sure everyone can keep up with you)

. You can’t drive too slow. (you have to make sure to motive them to DRIVE!)

. When something unforseen happens, (like everybody doesnt make the light) you have to stop until everyone is with you. ( sometimes you must pause, so that every one can catch up to the vision)

These are some of the things I learned from being a lead car.  Life will give you great lessons. We just have to open our eyes and see them.