I grew up celebrating Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter.  It was awesome!  Especially Easter.  As the years have come and gone, and my understanding of Christ and the finish work of the cross increases, I begin to question a lot of past practices. On Palm Sunday we talk about the entry of Jesus and the celebration of the branches called palms. Then on Good Friday we spend all day in church listening to the seven last words of Christ,  Then last but not least we rise at six in the morning to celebrate He has risen and we hope and pray that are worship services brings salvation for the unchurched. Have we become idol worshippers?  Our we worshipping the symbols more than Jesus?  Palm Sunday happens every time someone accepts Christ as Lord and Savior.  Isn’t that something we should celebrate every day? Thats an entrance to celebrate. It really wasn’t His seven last words. His words are everlasting and I should read them and celebrate them in my life every day.  And I know He is alive because He lives in me and I want the world to accept Him every day of the week. Now I’m not saying Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter (Resurrection Sunday) are wrong. I will be celebrating them too. I’m just saying the same attention we give to these christian holidays should happen every day. We as born-again believers should be in constant celebration every day, because He has entered into our lives, His Word lives in me and I serve a risen Savior every day.  Now thats HOSANNA!!!!!!