When someone says they have issues, or made mistakes, or I have some faults, or I messed up, or even I failed, we can take that somewhat.  But when someone use the sin word all bets are off. A black cloud hovers over our head. Its just a horrrible word to say.  We can’t take it when someone says the sin word.  Maybe just maybe we have the wrong concept of sin. The Word of God says Adam sinned and because of Adam’s sin I was made a sinner. Question?  So how can I be a sinner if I never sinned.  I understand that Adam’s sin was because of disobedience which is an action.  So if I am a sinner because of Adam’s action, then I must be a sinner by position.  Or maybe because of Adam’s action the whole world fell into that position of sin, now its a place.  So maybe because of the position and place I now do sinful things.  So now Jesus pays the price for Adam’s sin and now I’m righteous because of the finish work of the cross, and again I didn’t do any actionable things to produce righteousness.  So I was a sinner without action and now I’m righteous without action of myself.  So maybe just maybe it is not what I do thats the problem.  Maybe its what I believe is the answer.  JUST WONDERING!!!