I thought I was operating in my leadeship mode, dealing with team issues.  During my conversation I learned that there was a disconnected with what I thought i was saying and what the person was listening too.  We were far apart.  Their perception didn’t match my reality. I didnt value perception is stronger the reality in the mind of those that have it. Because their reality is based on their perception.  So I learned that, to be a great leader, you must understand perception and how to make sure what you are saying is precieved correctly. This lesson will allow you to improve your listening skills and take your communication to another level.  Believe me I have a long way to go, however I’m finding out that the gap is narrowing.

Here are some things I’ve learned during this process.

1. I’m not just communicating words ( I communicating who I am and what I believe)

2. Listening is better than speaking ( I’m listening with me eyes too) more on that later

3. Their perception is greater than your reality ( Don’t underestimate this)

4. Don’t assume they understand ( You could be wrong)

These are just some of the things that I have learned.  The key to better communication is to make sure their perception and yours match.  And never think that their perception is wrong.  Truth of the matter is perception is stronger than reality when it comes to communication.

Please chime in and tell me what you think!