I had a very nice conversation with a brother that came to our feeding and clothing the homeless.  At the end of our interaction, he said ” i guess I’m coming to your church”. I said yes you do, and he said ” ok, and left with a smile.  Now that was great except for one thing.  I never mentioned or asked him to come to church.  So that made me think, what did i do or say that caused this man to want to come to church without me askinng him.  Then it hit me, we CONNECTED!

So I was really leading him through connecting with him, that caused him to want to hang out with me at church.  So here are some of the things I did to connect with him

1.  I greeted him as my equal (eye contact, smile and a firm handshake that let him know we’re both men)

2.  I asked about him and not his situation (we already know why he’s here, no need to ask)

3.  Up close and personal (we acted like friends not like clients)

4.  I complimented him on how he looked in spite of his situation ( I said “you’re a nice looking young man”)

So I learned today that connecting with people is a powerful way of bringing the kingdom of God to earth.  Its also a beautiful way to lead people and bring them to the next level.